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lush blogger event IMG_8200 IMG_8204On Thursday night I went to my first Blogger Event at Lush in Middlesbrough which was their first Event too! We had the whole shop to ourselves for an hour to meet local and North East Bloggers and to sample their new Perfume range before it went on sale Friday!

I’ve always been interested in Lush and it was great to hear some facts of their products I didn’t even realise! One product I stumbled upon last year was the Charity Pot, I have it in the small pot and kinda guessed it must go to charity or something along them lines… It was really fascinating to see all the different charities they did, not only are the ingredients made from were the charities are, ALL the proceeds from each purchase goes to the charity or organisation to work with their environment, animal protection and human rights!


After the success of the Valentines Day collection, Lush have brought out their Mothers Day range with some familiar products from last year. The lovely staff at Lush demonstrated the Secret Garden Bath Bomb as well as the Yummy Mummy Shower Gel! It’s fair to say they smelt amazing… Definitely going to treat my Mum to the shower gel, so I can use it!!

lush blogger event

The Yummy Mummy Shower Gel; Look how foamy it is!

IMG_8213Aside from their Bath bombs I absolutely love Lush’s face masks! I have the Angels on Bare Skin and Mask of magnanimity at the moment and their great for my skin, so I was keen to see what went into making one; the Catastrophe Cosmetic contains fresh blueberries, calamine, rose and almond oils to soothe and soften the skin. They said this is a great mask if you have a breakout – clears your spots within a couple of days. We all  pulled our sleeves up and mashed all the ingredients together, it was a messy job!

IMG_8217 IMG_8222

I think I was pouring almond oil in here – Was great we all took turns adding ingredients!
IMG_8232 IMG_8234 IMG_8236

The lovely girls at Lush packaged this mask up and give us all a fresh pot each!

IMG_8238I always wondered why the perfume names were shall we say random? But it was actually so thoughtful to hear the back stories of them all, especially Dad’s Garden (volume 3)  – The owner of Lush named this fragrance after what he thought his fathers garden smelt like, when he finally met his dad, he had lemon trees in his garden so this perfume reminded him of the smells… how nice!

So now onto the exciting news, Lush have expanded their Gorilla Perfume range by bringing out three new fragrances in their Volume 3 Collection. IMG_8240

We got to try all three of them and the smells were really powering and long-lasting. Even when I got home I could still smell them. Their definitely a perfume that gradually gets sweeter, it sticks to your skin so when your warm it vapours even more – how awesome.

I think my favourite wasKirkbside Violet, it’s really fresh and earthy and it’s really fitting with the name, it also reminded me of Parma Violets!

Death & Decay which is a really interesting name; it represents the owner’s death of his father and all the positive outcomes it has brought. This again was really floral I thought with jasmine, rose oil and ylang ylang.

All good things, the cedar wood really overpowered the other ingredients, quite a musky fragrance compared to the other two. I like how the packaging is very vintage.

All three of these perfumes are all available in store now!


They were generous enough to give us a goodie bag with a sample of the Yummy Mummy Shower Gel, the Face mask we made, Phoenix Rising bath bomb and the Ultra Violet Bubble bar!
IMG_8246I love Lush and it was such a good opportunity to see how their products are made and some information behind their products. The lauch of Volume 3 Gorilla Perfume I’m sure is going to be a great success, we had the chance to try them before they went on sale the day before and was lovely to meet some fellow North East bloggers.

Cannot wait for the next one! Also apologies for the length of writing; I wanted to tell you all everything!

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  1. 21 February 2015 / 2:32 pm

    What a fantastic experience!! I loved reading about it and seeing your photos. :o)

    • 21 February 2015 / 3:32 pm

      It really was!! Thankyou I’m glad you liked my post 🙂

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