Nars Blush and Concealer

Nars blush and concealerNars blush and concealerSo while I was in sunny Edinburgh, we had time to have a look round the city and do a bit of shopping. Their collective of stores vary from designer chic to quirky one-off shops! One store I was eager to visit was Space NK Apothecary. This hosts luxury beauty and skin care under one roof. So you can imagine how excited I was to see their Nars Cosmetics selection. And after about half an hour I made my first two Nars purchases!!

Nars blush and concealerNars blush and concealerI’d seen so many reviews on their Orgasm blush and after seeing it in the flesh I could definitely see the hype! After having a million swatches on my hands of all the blushes I ended up going for Nars Super Orgasm. This light pink blush contains speckles of gold glitter which I find a must in a blush. The shimmer-y the better. I felt like this blush could easily pull of a highlighted look too which is an added bonus! I felt like this was the perfect first buy for someone who hasn’t bought Nars before.. I know! It comes in a medium-sized palette and build in mirror so isn’t too bad on size, I’m curious to see how long it lasts as this is definitely one of the dearest blushes I’ve bought! Click here.

Nars blush and concealerNars blush and concealerA while back on twitter, I was looking for a new concealer and so many people recommended Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer. I didn’t want to guess my shade online so when I was in Space NK, this was the perfect opportunity to test some out! In the end I picked Medium 1: Custard. I noticed, because it’s so creamy you don’t need much product at all to get the coverage you need! It’s so pigmented as well which I’m so happy about. The application for this is like most concealers I’ve tried with the lip gloss type wand. Custard I’d say was for light to medium complexions with yellow tones. I’ve been using this under my eyes and to hide those little pimples and so far so good! Click here.

For my first two products I’m overwhelmed of how good they’ve worked for me, it has really made me think of what else I’d like to buy from their range. If you have any recommendations please let me know! As far as pricing goes I’m unsure to whether they’d be constant repurchases as there is similar products out there for half the price.


19 thoughts on “Nars Blush and Concealer”

  1. I have never tried the Super Orgasm blusher, but my absolute go to blush is NARS Orgasm. The shimmer in it is just so beautiful! I’ve wanted to try NARS base products for quite a while and, like you, don’t want to guess my shade! Perhaps I should pop into my nearest store sometime in the next month to have a little play… Great photos! x x x


  2. Love the look of this blush Beth after seeing you buy it, might have to have a cheeky purchase myself!!
    I still can’t forget that gorgeous eyeshadow we saw too!!

    Amy xx


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