Olde Young Blogger Event!

Olde Young blogger Event Olde Young blogger EventLast Sunday, I visited my Blogger babe Carli‘s tea house for a special North East Blogger Meet Up! The Olde Young Teahouse is the cutest little shop in Middlesbrough town centre that specialises in Tea, Scones and scrummy cakes!
Olde Young blogger Event

I’ve been a fan of the tea house for well over a year now, their mouth-watering cakes and warm toasted cherry scones are an absolute delight. Any avid tea fans would love this place with their huge selection of flavoured teas! So as you can see, the perfect location for a catch up for a handful of bloggers around the area.

Olde Young blogger Event

It was such a nice treat to talk to fellow bloggers and meet some new faces as well catch up with some friends I’ve met at previous events. When we walked in, we were greeted by the lovely Megan fromΒ ThumbelinaLillieΒ where she offered us mocktails and cocktails with a selection of lemon meringue and salted caramel cupcakes.

Olde Young blogger EventThe Olde Young Teahouse is picture perfect and I just love how vintage and quirky it is. They really go to the extra mile with jam jars, floral antique mix match tea sets and rustic furniture. Each table is finished with a lited candle and fresh flowers – the perfect touch.

After we all had a good chat, and ate the yummy cupcakes, we had a photo shoot!

Olde Young blogger EventEleanor from Teapots & Elephants.

Olde Young blogger EventCarli from The Tea Bee and Owner.

Olde Young blogger EventSarah from Girl with the winged liner and Gianni from The G Edit.

Olde Young blogger EventOf course, we had to get a group photo! I really enjoyed this informal meet up and I’m really looking forward to the next one, hopefully a Christmas night out or even sooner! Thanks Megan and Carli for being perfect hosts and organisers – you did a Fab job.

Have you ever been to the teahouse?

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