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It’s A LUSH Christmas

It's a lush christmasEekk my first Christmas purchase! Its felt like forever waiting for Lush Cosmetics to bring out their Christmas Collection. I swear they have really pulled it out the bag this year. I had to resist by not buying it all, I could have easily of spent £100.. here’s to A Lush Christmas!
It's a lush christmas

 I think all of their bubble bars and bath bombs look amazing this year, with a couple of familiar faces as well as lots of new ones. I decided to buy five products I haven’t tried before but I’ll definitely be picking up a few more leading up to Christmas such as my faves Snow Fairy and Dashing Santa.

If you love the smell of liquorice, spiced cinnamon and cinder toffee.. Read below!

It's a lush christmas

So the Yog Nog (£3.95) has a heavenly mix of shea butter with a strong fragrance of cinder toffee. Although not the best looking product out the bunch, it really hasn’t lacked at all in flavour! It just reminds me of bonfire night, so sweet I could eat it. I wont though haha!

It's a lush christmas Holly Golighlty (£4.95) is probably my fave out of the bunch! I love the look of it and the smell is an added bonus. It reminds me a little of the Karma bubble bar with hints of cinnamon. I mean just look how great it looks, a fairly sized bar too.

It's a lush christmasThe Magic Of Christmas (£5.95) truly is a beautiful looking product! So eye-catching I couldn’t resist. Especially as it’s quite dear to most of the other products. It comes with a cute reindeer bell, cinnamon sticks and it covered in gold glitter! It smells so sweet with the spiced cinnamon with hints of orange too. This is also reusable.

It's a lush christmasI love the smell of Bar Humbug (£3.65). It reminds me of liquorice/ humbugs so it’s very well-fitting to the name. A typical bubble bar covered in silver glitter. A great alternative if you want something a little less festive, if that’s what your after Scrooge!

It's a lush christmasI love the idea of Five Gold Rings (£4.95). Your getting five baths out of this which is really reasonable. It’s hard to describe the smell on this its nice and sweet kind of vanilla-ry but smells luxurious. Its meant to turn a gorgeous gold/ orange colour and again speckled in gold glitter!

What do you think? Have you got your eye on the new collection or tried any of these?

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