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Festive Week | Gift guide for Cat lovers

Heres the perfect gifts for cat owners or cat lovers.. or yano a crazy cat lady! I’ve found cosmetics, mugs and even 3D cat cakes. Yep, I have you sorted for last-minute cute stocking fillers.
gifts for cat lovers

Whether you want to treat yourself or get some gifts for a cat lover, there’s actually so much online. I always see lots of cute ideas for dog owners, not so much cats – so I did some digging and found all of these!

I mean I do have about 4 cat tops myself (I know) ones a Christmas and the others I wear day-to-day, but you can’t go wrong with a sweatshirt this time of year for cosy days in over the festive season. Over Christmas why not a spot of baking? This silicon cat tray makes 3D cakes and they look actually amazing, just have a look on the link – even I’m tempted.

For tea and coffee lovers there are lots of mugs out there with funny quotes or cute cat faces but I do like this idea of the paw. This would look great on aΒ cappuccino or hot chocolates – YUM!

And finally cat lovers, have you ever seen Paul and Joe cosmetics?! They do cat makeup bags and even lipsticks and bronzers, they are so adorable I definitely need some *hint*. Well here’s all of them below:

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9

Cat lovers appreciation post, you’re welcome haha. Happy shopping.

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