Urban Decay | Top 5 Vice Lipsticks for Fall

Urban Decay | Top 5 Fall Lipsticks

Where getting to the end of September already and we are definitely starting to reach out for our dark berry lipsticks.
So from my 100 Vice Lipstick collection, I decided to pick these 5 as my top choices from Urban Decay.
Urban Decay | Top 5 Fall Lipsticks Urban Decay | Top 5 Fall Lipsticks

If you’re not sure what I mean by 100 lipsticks, well last month I won the WHOLE collection! So I’m still getting to grips with what shades there are as well as the finishes… Read all about the Vice Vault here.

Anyways, so today’s post is kind of the lipsticks I’ve picked out from the collection that I’m already using or what I can see myself using this autumn. Not gonna lie, it was hard to pick just 5! I know a lot of you wanted to see some of the lipsticks individually so here goes…

First up, I have to say my favourite lipstick finish from the Vice collection has to be Metallized! This is a pearlyΒ finish but it’s so creamy on and I can’t get over how pretty and pigmented they are. I’ve featured three here, in my other post I mentioned my love for the shade ‘big bang’ if you don’t know that shade check it out, it’s a beautiful bright pink.

These shades have a mixture of bright reds, dark fuchsias and a day-to-day lipstick I can see me wearing all year round not just autumn. I dunno about you but I’m more nudes and subtle pinks through the day, and then the night-time the bright reds and dark berry’s come out to play!

Urban Decay | Top 5 Fall Lipsticks Urban Decay | Top 5 Fall Lipsticks

L – R

Sancho – Metallized | 714 Mega Matte | Cruel Metallized | Firebird Cream | Rejected Metallized

If you’ve never tried an Urban Decay lipstick, you need to! They are renowned for their high pigment infusion system, so just like their eyeshadows – you are getting a deep true colour. I just love their creamy texture and no matter what finish you choose, the lipstick just sits so well. Even the mega matte doesn’t feel drying like most matte lip products do.

The lipsticks feature Aloe Vera, and so many oils that comforts, hydrates and leaves your lips feeling soft and like I say – never drying!

The Mega Matte is a super intense matte, it’s the mattest lipstick you could possibly own from my experience of brands from YSL to MAC.

Cream is the original out of the bunch, it’s what my other urban decay lipstick finish is and as it says, it’s very creamy and nourishing a little more so than the other finishes.

The Metallized is described as a high level of pearl. It’s got a shimmery finish that dazzles in the light, 100% my favourite finish and definitely a must wear for the festive season.

Urban Decay | Top 5 Fall Lipsticks Urban Decay | Top 5 Fall Lipsticks

Sancho – A sparkly medium red that looks great with a deep red liner.

714 – Bright pure red with a pastel tone.

Cruel – A shimmery pearl pink that looks like a subtle pinky-nude.

Firebird – A bright fuchsia shade with deep tones of purple and copper.

Rejected – A medium red with a pearl finish and tones of pink.

Urban Decay | Top 5 Fall LipsticksUrban Decay | Top 5 Fall Lipsticks

As you can see some of the shades are similar but look completely different on. If you’d like to see some shades on the lips – let me know. I’m so excited to start wearing these for nights out. I’ll be featuring my top lipstick shades from other brands as well soon but today I thought I’d share the love for Urban Decay again with their new Vice Collection.

What shade stands out for you? Which one would you like?

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