18 thoughts on “How blogging kick-started my career

  1. Aww Bethany this is a lovely blog post and you are true to yourself reading all your posts your personality dose shine out I love your hoody well done and all the best with your blogg go girl xxx


  2. Love, love, love this post lovely! You’re doing so great, so keep going 😘 Blogging has definitely pulled me out of my comfort zone and made me a much more confident person! It is exactly what I needed 🙂
    G xxx


  3. What a fantastic empowering post! I think the blogging community really needed this kind of thing right now. You are such a gem and deserve all the amazing opportunities you have been a part of! xxx


  4. Love this post, can definitely relate a lot to this – people underestimate the power of blogging of just doing it as a hobby not as a career itself. Well done 🙂


  5. Very true post. I work in digital marketing, and when getting your first internship a blog really helps. As you don’t have any work experience yet, it at least shows you’ve done something, and can help showcase your writing style and social media skills.


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