Rose infused skincare by Pixi Beauty

pixi beauty rose infused skincare

Whenever I receive a green parcel, you know its going to be something exciting from Pixi!

Well wasn’t I right… I received a beautiful Pixi travel bag filled with their Rose-infused skincare just in time for my trip to Venice.

pixi beauty rose infused skincare

I mean just look at how pretty it is? The rose printed wash bag is packaged with a ‘Bon Voyage’ note with a range of their must-have skincare pieces. So lets see what they’ve included for a travel skincare routine.

pixi beauty skincare range

The Rose-infused products have been designed to hydrate and indulge whilst travelling to achieve that dreamy sunkissed feeling during and after! Sounds good to me. I must say I’m only familiar with two products out of the bunch so I’m excited to see how they help my skin.

pixi beauty rose tonic rose oil

Remove makeup, Cleanse & Tone

Okay so for the first three steps of any basic routine, its their Cleansing cloths, Cream cleanser and Rose Tonic. The Makeup Melting Wipes remove even the most stubborn of waterproof formulas as well as soothing and hydrating your skin. Perfect for waterproof mascara.

The Rose Cream Cleanser also contains Camomille that calms the skin, even for the most sensitive of skin types. Then my current go-to toner; the Rose Tonic. Just like their cult fave, Glow tonic its one of the best toners I’ve tried, trust me.

pixi beauty rose cleanser makeup mist

Hydrate, Boost & Moisturise

The Rose-infused skincare range also offers products to nourish and add moisture. Something that’s needed in the hotter weather!

A product I’m excited to try is their Rose Caviar Essence. How luxurious does this sound? This serum melts into your skin to add radiance and hydrating with lots of natural oils. I cannot wait to try this. The Rose Flash Balm also adds radiance and its a go-to for skin that needs a pick me up. It can even act as a primer.

It doesn’t stop there. If your looking for a triple dose of moisturiser, the Rose Ceramide Cream drenches your skin with Ceramide. This helps improve your skins elasticity which sounds interesting.

By this point you’re probably thinking wow I’d feel like a new person with all of this! But there’s two final steps that comes in this package. They’ve also included the Makeup Fixing Mist which does exactly what it says on the tin. I’ve heard great things about this, which again is a good idea when you know your out all day and want your makeup to last.

The Rose Glow Mist is optional to put on after makeup too. This creates a dewy finish whilst plumping and refreshes the skin for hours.

pixi beauty rose cavior glow mist moisturiser

Its fair to say Pixi Beauty have well and truly spoilt me with their skincare products. They all smell lovely and its something I’d be opting into my routine even after I pack them in my suitcase. I’ll be doing a blog post on my travels to Venice in April so keep a look out for it.

To see all the products, visit Pixi’s website here. Plus if you want to save 20% use – PIXIFRIENDS19 in the checkout now. You’re welcome xo

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  1. 4 April 2019 / 7:55 am

    Wow would love this for my holiday what a cool bag love it !! Your photos are fantastic by the way I do love reading your blog love Jemma X

  2. 5 April 2019 / 12:14 pm

    I would love a bag like that when travelling. 🙂 I’ve only heard great things about Pixi brand and I already ordered some products to try.

  3. Sanobar
    14 November 2019 / 8:33 am

    Wow they look so good!!!! Wish to tey them

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