OOTD: Pretty Floral


I’ve had this Outfit on hold for quite a while now. The skirt i originally bought in March and i had been waiting for the warm weather to sweep in so i can wear it! So this weekend i found the great opportunity.

The crop top from New look wasn’t an original choice but after trying it on with my Love Label shoes, i thought this ensemble worked pretty well.

These shoes ive had for about 2-3 years now and they are still in great condition considering. They are so comfy and like the bag; i cannot find a link for either of them due to how long ive had them but i’m sure there are similar products out there.

I wore this outfit Saturday night for a casual drinks in the sun, then to a marquee party then town – i know it was a busy night. But i think this outfit would work through the day too with some cute flats or even gladiator platforms.

I actually adore Groove and Stitch earrings, they are so pretty and compliment any outfit. I opted for the neon pink to match my outfit. Go check out their website, they do every color and even do multi-colored earrings now.

Anyway I hope you all enjoyed the sunshine this weekend!



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