Must-Have Beauty With Afrodite | Guest Post

Must-Have Beauty With Afrodite | Guest Post

You know when you just have those go-to beauty products you love? Well today guest blogger Afrodite is talking all about her must have products.

Though I buy and try quite a lot of new beauty products, I will tell you the truth! There are some products that I just need around,those trusty ones that will always be there when I need them!

To me it feels like the comfort food!When I have a bad skin day or mood in general and when I don’t feel like experimenting, I just want something that I know it will work! Those products are here for me and never disappoint me! I already bought them again and again and I think I will keep doing it because when I don’t have them I can feel it…I miss them!

So,I will start with the skincare…

Must-Have Beauty With Afrodite | Guest Post

First thing first, I want to tell you that I have oily/combination skin with some pimples here and there,depends on the mood of my skin! It’s not acne though!

For years I’ve used the Apivita Foam Cleanser For Face & Eyes With Olive and Lavender!

I can’t recommend this product enough! I love that makes a lot of foam without using much product!I’m one of those people who can’t stand removing my makeup with wipes or cotton balls! I prefer water and foam!

It’s perfect for sensitive skin, as it’s natural! This one has 92% natural ingredients, how amazing is that! It says that it’s a cleanser for eyes too, and I’m telling you it really is! I have a thing with my eyelashes and I don’t want to rub them much so this product solves my hands!

It removes the face makeup and especially the eyes, no matter how heavy it is! I can’t recommend it enough, you should try it – you can thank me later!

Next is the Tea Tree Squeaky Clean Scrub by The Body Shop! I recommend that to anyone who ask me about scrubs or what to try by this brand!

It’s a gentle scrub that you can use it even everyday if you want, of course if you don’t have sensitive skin! It has really small beads which doesn’t hurt the skin but at the same time do their job!

It has this smell that all the products with tea have! I personally like it, because it make it feel even more fresh and clean! Also because of the tea tree, it helps a lot with that annoying pimples!

Let’s moving now in the makeup department…

photo 3

I’m  sure that everyone has at least heard about this foundation, the Infallible 24h Matte Foundation by L’oreal!

You will love it if you have oily/combination type of skin like me, because you will have a complete matte effect! The finish though it’s not dry but powdery! Maybe that’s why sometimes I forget to apply powder with it!

If you don’t have much of imperfections, like a lot of acne, scars or something like that you will have full coverage! My skin has some pimples, which you can’t really tell with that foundation! If not already, give it a try!

I wanted to try the Wake Me Up Concealer by Rimmel for ages and finally I did! Now I know how true all those raves were about it!

I didn’t have a before problem with dark circles or anything like that, but lately my sleeping pattern is a mess and this product is my hero!I  have it in the shade 040 Soft Beige, which is a bit lighter than my skin, so it really brightens up my under eye area! You can’t even tell if I’m tired or sleepless!

I always afraid with concealers that they will be heavy under my eyes, they will make me look older and things like that! I’m happy to tell you that this doesn’t happen with that concealer!

So easy to blend, without emphasise on those little lines that I have sometimes and its super light, that you can’t even feel it’s there!

Last but definitely not least is my all time favourite eyeliner, the Professional Liquid Eyeliner by Korres! This product is amazing and I wonder why people don’t talk about it!

But we don’t care because I will do…

It was one of the first eyeliners that I ever used and I didn’t have a hard time at all, it is that easy to use!

You can hold it really easily, like a pen so you can be very precise with it! It stays on all day, without fading or smudging! The best part is, it sets pretty quickly so it doesn’t create that black line on your eyelids!

Maybe it’s hard to find Korres products in your country, so I will leave here a list, with the places that you can find them, because maybe it’s easier than you thought! Yep, you need to try that eyeliner that much!!

What’s you must have products? Let me know in the comments below, I will love to find some new beauty gems ^_^

Keep Smile 🙂

xx Aphrodite

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  1. 19 August 2016 / 6:49 pm

    I know diddly about this sort of thing, but this was a must-read post, Bethany!

      • 27 August 2016 / 1:11 am

        I cannot tell a lie, Bethany.
        (My wife’s had me conditioned.)

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