Halloween Tutorial: DIY Zombie Skin

halloween tutorial zombie skin polished coutureToday i’m sharing an easy step by step tutorial on how to create gruesome Zombie skin by a product you use at home! If the photo doesnt give it away, yes it’s tissue paper. I found out this trick last year when I went as a Zombie dorothy (above) and I started using toilet roll to add ‘fake skin’ and texture to my cuts and bruises. It’s so easy and makes your makeup so much more effective than just a little blood.
halloween tutorial zombie skin polished couture

So, grab some toilet/tissue paper and break it up into little strips, preferably taking the edges off so you just have rough edges – look more realistic.

halloween tutorial zombie skin polished couture

When your happy with the amount you have at the moment, start adding your blood. I got this one for just a pound from Tesco and it comes in a squirty tube. Start squeezing the blood onto the tissue, and using your fingers dab it in and spread so the tissue sets to your skin.

halloween tutorial zombie skin polished couture

Keep doing this till the tissue has soaked in. Then keep adding more to build a layer of ‘skin’. Spread the blood around your skin like above!halloween tutorial zombie skin polished couture To finish the look, I added eye-shadow from my 100pc E.L.F eye-shadow collection. I used yellows, green and blues to get the bruised effect. halloween tutorial zombie skin polished coutureAnd this is how mine turned out! You can create the zombie skin in so many ways, you could make the tissue into a circle with the blood inside for a cut effect. The effects you can create are endless!

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