I won an award!

Hey guys! For those of you who don’t know me well, I study Media at Teesside University and began this blog through one of my assignments. Nearly two years later – this is Polished Couture! I’m so proud to call this little online space my hobbie. You can imagine how gobsmacked I was when I received an email from my lecturer that I was nominated for an award!

I didn’t know what I was up for but I went along to theΒ Journalism AwardsΒ 2015 last Wednesday! We were greeted with wine to calm our nerves. After a few winners, my name got called out! I won Communication and PR Campaign of the year award!

I won an award!

Not only did I win this, I’m the first non-journalism student to win one of these awards. I felt so pleased that my blog had been noticed enough to win an award by the very people who give me motivation to startΒ it! I guess the ‘hard work pays off’ saying is true in this case! My social media has been spammed with tweets and photos of how excited I was so I may as well blog about it right?!

polished couture

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