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Beach essentialsAre you going on a Beach holiday or is a trip to the seaside on the cards this summer? All your Essentials are covered with Laura today. My first guest blogger while I’m away.

beach essentials

My name is Laura and I blog over on GetReadyWithLaura 🙂

I feel very honoured to guest blog on Polished Couture after Beth was kind enough to guest blog on mine while I was away on holidays (link), thanks again for that Beth 🙂 Xx

Aaah those were some great holidays.

A white sandy beach, clear water and just the best summer weather I could imagine!

I spent most of my holiday on the beach and so I thought I would share with you my essentials for a day at the beach.

Normally I don´t take a lot of stuff with me as I´m sure I definitely won´t need all of it.

So besides the basic stuff, a beach towel, a straw hat and a cute bikini I also like to take those things with me…

Face, Body and Lip Sun Protection

My number one extra essentials is, of course suncream. I´m quite pale and I definitely want to try to change that into a beautiful brown tan and to really get that instead of a crab red. My favourite to use on my whole body is the Hawaiian Tropic Sunscreen.

I love the slight coconut smell of it and the packaging immediatly brings the thought of summer in my head.

For my face I tend to go for a sunscreen from the pharmacy, basically any that is more watery from the consistency and not as thick is fine. A lightweight face suncream is also something is prefer to use instead of moisturizer in the morning. It has SPF in it and that´s what I can´t have enough of in the morning.

One thing that is most common to be forgotten about is your lips!

Lips are really sensitive when the sun directly shines onto it and trust me it´s no fun to have sunburn on them.

I got a really basic Labello Sun Protection Stick it´s really moisturizing and lasts for a very long time.

A Pair Of Sunglasses

Lately I got really obsessed with sunglasses, I looove the many shapes and colours they are available in. At first I wanted a pair from Quay Australia over ASOS (a rosé gold cat eye one) but then I found this lovely brown one from C&A.

The frame is more square and the glasses are completely round and I didn´t think such a style would actually good on my round shaped face.

Sunglasses are a super cute accessory whether during the day at the beach with a cute bikini or during the night with a more elegant dress or a casual outfit to wander through the city.

beach essentials

My Phone & Earphones

Now that I´ve got my basic stuff done, I go over to entertainment stuff.

Sure there is a lot to do on the beach such as swimming in the ocean, taking pictures or just simply tanning.

Incase all of that gets boring I like to listen to music over my iPhone. I´m a huge Apple fan but transferring music on my iPhone through iTunes on my laptop is a horrible thing, straight off annoying. So today I decided to go for the trial subscription of Apple Music and oh my god it´s sooo worth it! It only took me about half an hour to download about 100 songs, so if you find it as annoying as me to do it over your laptop go for Apple Music it´s sooo worth it 🙂

A Book

The most simple thing to entertain yourself with is, a book. I normally don´t read a lot but after seeing the movie “Me Before You” I just had to read the book. I´m actually really excited to relive the whole story all over again and fall in love with the characters again, but this time instead of sitting in a dark cinema, I´ll be sitting on the beach with a hopefully a good drink aswell, haha 🙂

What do you take to the beach with you?

Get Ready with Laura

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While I’m away in Ibiza I have some guest bloggers posting for me, make sure you check back on Friday for another post! 


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