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Another LUSH Haul!

So if you haven’t got me on twitter, I’ve been anticipating since like forever for Lush Cosmetics to release their exclusive Oxford Street products in store! When I come home from holiday I was greeted by the news the new summer products were available on-line and in my local store! Look what I picked up in my recent haulAnother Lush Haul Another Lush Haul Another Lush Haul Another Lush HaulI absolutely LOVE The Comforter bubble bar, so I couldn’t resist picking up the shower cream version of it. This comes in three sizes and I picked up 250g for £9.50. If your after a luxurious shower cream this is the one for you. It smells heavenly with bursts of berry that smells delicious enough to eat. I can’t wait to start using this in the bath. It’s very similar to the Christmas version: Snow fairy.

Possibly my most favourite purchase from this haul is the Frozen bath bomb (£3.95)! When I went into Lush Middlesbrough store, they had this bath bomb on display and It was actually magical. It turned the water a gorgeous aqua blue with a lining of silver glitter sparkling all over – I can only imagine what it would look like in the bath tub.

Intergalactic bath bomb (£3.95) is literally a swirl of rainbows in your bath tub! Lush have really excelled themselves here by the way this bath bomb melts and the colours that burst out in almost a synchronised way looks amazing and very space like! This smells very peppermint-y that’s quite aftershave-y but I like that!

Granny Takes A Dip bubble bar (£3.95) is the new formula from the bath bomb version. I never got round to trying this, but I noticed it was a favourite with lots of bloggers. I mean look how dreamy it looks with all the colours? This smells really refreshing with lemon and ginger. I just wish it was bigger, it seems a lot smaller than most bubble bars.

And finally my favourite smelling bubble bar is Karma (£4.25). This smells like old bubble bar Ultra-Violet (mothers day range) and also Phoenix. This is bursting with lots of good things such as mango butter and oils so I can imagine your skin feels so soft afterwards!

What do you think of my Haul? Are any of these your fave?


17 thoughts on “Another LUSH Haul!”

  1. I always want to go and buy some of these from Lush, but there’s so much to choose from! I never know if I’d like it or not!

    These look and sound lovely though – I think I’ll definitely pick up the Intergalactic bath bomb!

    Nicole x


  2. Never seen the Comforter Shower Gel or bubble bar before but I have just seen like 4 people on a row talking about it! I think I might have to go buy it tomorrow as I feel like I am missing out! Great post!


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