BPerfect Cosmetics Brush on Lashes

BPerfect Cosmetics Brush on Lashes BPerfect Cosmetics Brush on Lashes BPerfect Cosmetics Brush on Lashes BPerfect Cosmetics Brush on Lashes BPerfect Cosmetics Brush on LashesI’m not going to lie, I have probably more mascaras than any other beauty product! And when I’m applying makeup I’m one of those people who wear a couple of different mascaras for my look: a mascara for thickness,volume and separating. So you can imagine, I’m all up for a product that does it all, so a few weeks ago BPerfect Cosmetics got in touch with me to try out their Brush On Lashes!

For starters I love the packaging, it comes in a cute little box with instructions inside on exactly how to achieve the perfect look! I’ve used a couple of fibre lash products before but nothing as pretty as this, I love the silver packaging – it looks expensive, and you guys all know I love good packaging.

The mascara itself is a standard mascara brush but the Lengthening Gel feels great on the lashes, they don’t clump together and even on its own I’d definitely use it as a day mascara! Obviously night-time that’s when I tend to use more product(s) to achieve the false lash effect as I’m not a fan of fake lashes (I can’t do them). So this is when the Enhancing Fibres are applied, these are made from green tea fibres so it was interesting to see how these would work. You just apply a coat of the gel mascara and apply the fibres to your lashes. Repeat the process as much as you want! I tended to do it twice and it looked great, especially focusing on the outer corner lashes. To remove, it’s as easy as a normal mascara.

I think for £22.99 it’s reasonable, I pay up to £25 for a mascara but here you’re getting two in one, a carry case and it would definitely last you longer than a normal mascara, can’t go wrong right? Click here for more info.



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