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Skin Wow vs. Touche Eclat

Skin Wow vs. Touche Eclat

Is it possible for two products to be identical? Well today’s post is a comparison between Seventeen’s Skin Wow concealer and my trusted YSL Touche Éclat. Find out how I got on and if this really is the perfect dupe.
Skin Wow vs. Touche Eclat Skin Wow vs. Touche Eclat

Soon as I started my blog nearly three years ago, one of my first high-end purchases was the Touche Éclat. Since, this golden pen has been on my blog numerous times me praising it for the all in one highlighter and concealer. Theres a lot of questions attached to this product on what it actually does but I simply use it as a liquid highlighter.

So you can imagine how shocked I was to find Seventeen has brought out this Skin Wow concealer. I mean come on, the packaging is sooo similar. The colour, the application brush and you even pump it the same. This made me question whether this could be just like Touche Éclat and if it COULD step in for my favourite high-end product.

A few weeks ago I was watching This Morning and the makeup artist starting using this gold pen, my first words were ‘oh look she’s using Touche Éclat’.. Erm no it was this concealer for £4.99!

I couldn’t believe my eyes, so when I bought lots of NYX products from Boots (here) I also picked this beauty up to try.

Skin Wow vs. Touche Eclat

I mean you can see by photos how identical they look and when I swatched them both, the Touche Éclat had a slight pinky tone as you can see below. I picked up Medium in the Skin Wow and I currently use shade 1 in Touche Éclat.

For the formula they are exactly the same, both dry pretty quick and blend so evenly on the skin. I use either my fingers to dab the highlighter or use a sponge.

Both highlighter pens aim to cover and reduce the appearance of dark circles and brighten the skin especially under your eyes. I love how radiant your face looks with both these pens and I’ve used them both as a highlighter on my cheekbones, brow bone and cupids bow.

 All of your best feature’s will be highlighted with these two!

I honestly can’t pick anything wrong with seventeen’s Skin wow to make you pick Touche Eclat. I’ve always loved this iconic YSL product, the price difference from £5 to £25 is enough for you to decide which one to get, it’s a no brainer! But I think I’d still get Touche éclat as a treat.

For daily use I’d definitely reach for Skin Wow just so its more affordable to replace and Touche Éclat for more special occasions. It’s great to find two products that are exactly the same and it gives you the choice of whether to splurge or save.

Skin Wow vs. Touche Eclat Skin Wow vs. Touche EclatAbove I’m using both products under my eyes, I love how fresh and luminous they make my skin look. So there you have it a dupe post!

Praises to Seventeen for bringing out a marvellous highlighter pen that matches a product of a £25 price tag. Don’t worry Touche Éclat I haven’t abandoned you fully yet!

Have you tried either of these? Which product would you pick?


31 thoughts on “Skin Wow vs. Touche Eclat

  1. I’ve never tried Touche Eclat, but I bought the Seventeen concealer the other week and LOVE it – couldn’t image YSL being much better, so it’s good to know it’s actually not 🙂

    Claire | Vanity Claire xx


  2. Oh wow, that’s quite a price difference! I did think that the packaging was very similar to Touché Eclat when I first saw this on display in Boots. I’ll definitely be giving it a go after reading your comparison. You can definite tell how good this product is by your photo, too!xx

    Laura | Lala London: Beauty & Lifestyle


  3. Oo I so glad I read your post I am going to try this it looks the same for the price it’s a bargain x


  4. That’s fantastic, you really can see a difference!😍 I have tried L’OREAL’s which I think was about £9, cover was ok!😊 Thanks for sharing this😘


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