My Top 5 Fall Lipsticks

My top 5 Lipsticks

I cannot explain enough how much I love berry lipsticks! I think they seriously make an outfit day or night and it’s fair to say I need to add more to my collection this year..oops. With fall well on its way, I thought I’d share with you all, my top 5 picks of statement lips! From nude to elegant red.
My top 5 Lipsticks My top 5 Lipsticks My top 5 Lipsticks

Berry Vamp-y lips suit most people I think, just over a year ago I’d never really tried a dark purple, and didn’t even own one for that matter, how I was missing out! So I prefer dark reds with blue and purple tones, so it’s not an in your face purple – its subtle. So let’s get into it shall we!

The Body Shop ’12’. A glamorous glittery red! It’s hard to really tell in the swatch but this lipstick is filled with shimmery glitter and comes out quite a glossy medium red. Its more of a red where it’s not dramatic, again its subtle so you could easily wear this through the day.

MAC Matte ‘Velvet Teddy’. If you follow me on twitter, I cannot express how much I love this lippy. I’m not really one for nudes but after seeing so many people buzz about this particular lip – I knew I had to grab it. I absolutely love the colour of this, it’s definitely the perfect Autumn day lip. For a matte, it’s still moisturising and doesn’t dry your lips. In the swatch you can see it has tones of pink so will really suit anyone!

Urban Decay ‘Manic’. So this is the typical medium red with berry tones lipstick. It’s an all year round lipstick but I’ll be wearing this a lot more this coming Autumn/Winter. Again, this is such a moisturising lip and is so long-lasting. It’s a lot darker on the lips than what it looks on the swatch.

Rimmel Kate ’04’. A punch of purple! This is such a deep purple that you need to be brave to wear it! Even by the swatch you can see how dark it is, it’s even darker on the lip. Whenever I wear this I always use a very little amount, its great at achieving an ombre lip or the perfect Halloween look. If your brave – get this!

MAC Satin ‘Media’. Okay, so I kinda got this because I’m doing a degree in media “Omg I need that lipstick I do media”. Yeah that’s what I’m like when I shop, however the actual shade is gorgeous! This is a really dark red with purple tones. Look how gorgeous it looks on the swatch? If you apply a little you get a really nice red, the more you apply the more purple that comes out – another fab autumn lip for all your special occasions.

So there you have it, my top 5 Fall lipsticks with what I hope a variety of shades! I’m definitely looking into finding more nudes so please let me know your recommendations. Are any of these your fave?

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24 thoughts on “My Top 5 Fall Lipsticks”

  1. Hahaha the reason you bought media… I do the exact same things. I own Essie’s nail polish ‘tea & crumpets’ mostly for the name, and another called ‘blogger babe’. Names influence so much! Great picks, I love the look of the Body Shop red 🙂 x x x



  2. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who discovered MAC Media when I picked it up last month I’d never seen anyone else really talking about it, it’s such an underrated shade! Xxx


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