Lancome Grandiose Liner

Lancome Grandiose Liner

Could this be the easiest Liner I’ve tried? Lancome‘s new release from the Grandiose collection has us all ‘flicking‘…

Lancome Grandiose LinerLancome Grandiose LinerLancome Grandiose LinerThis little gem arrived in my post about a month ago, I had no idea what I was receiving but it was such a surprise to  see their newest eyeliner. With smudge-proof and long wear abilities, I was intrigued to see how this would match up with other liners on the market.

Not gonna lie, it was years ago since the last time I’d used liquid eyeliner. I just find them very temperamental and always opt for more gel (Benefit) or felt (S&G) liner for an easy application. Liquid liners tend to take longer to dry, easily smudge and don’t seem to give the desired winged effect. However…

The Lancome Grandiose Liner has an innovative pivot liner and ibendable wand, this is such a clever product! The liner is flexible and bends to different angles and allows you to create a line right to the root. With the matte finish, it dries really quick and lasts ALL day and I mean alllll day.

Some liners you need to touch up through the day to keep it black but this 01 – Noir Mirifique shade is perfect.

Lancome Grandiose Liner Lancome Grandiose Liner Lancome Grandiose Liner

As you can see, this liner gives the perfect precise eyeline with the thin tip. The matte finish gives a highly pigmented formula but there is a little downfall to this magnificent product.

For £23 you only get a little amount of product and after a months use, I’m finding myself dipping into the pot more to get the liquid. Just like high-end mascaras, this product seems to dry up pretty quick. It’s still giving the same finished look from the first application to say 10 applications later, but in terms of long-lasting – you may find you’d have to purchase more of this than other liners.

Hands up, it’s definitely one of the best liners I’ve tried to date and I’ve found it one of the easiest too. Would I purchase this again? Maybe as a splurge, but next time use this on more special occasions rather than a daily wear liner – it would run out too quick and that’s just expensive.

Lancome Grandiose Liner

You can also find this post on Get-Ready-With-Laura‘s blog here. I’m guest posting while she’s on holiday. Keep a look out as I’ll be featuring some guest bloggers while I’m away too – in less than two weeks time.

Have you tried this liner? Would you?

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18 thoughts on “Lancome Grandiose Liner

  1. I loved these sort of liners, I’ve always used the similar rimmel version but their nib is a little too blunt. This looks so amazing! I haven’t tried any Lancôme before so def need to look at them. I do love gel liners though, they’re just so easy to use! xx

    Tamz |


  2. I bought this liner recently and love how pigmented it is. I think it takes a while to get used to the bendy wand but I have grown to really like it. I’m so glad you mentioned that yours is drying up as after 6 weeks, mine is starting to give up too and I am disappointed in this. It’s annoying to see bloggers saying ‘it’s wonderful!’ without mentioning these elements, so thanks for giving such a well rounded review! I’m loving your blog xx Sophie/


  3. Grandiose eyeliner ran out within a month …. Twice! I don’t have time to buy a new eyeliner every month . This just isn’t worth it.


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