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Lush | Snow Fairy Body Conditioner

Lush | Snow Fairy Body Conditioner
The most iconic Lush product is now in body lotion form. Yep the famous Snow Fairy concoction can now dazzle our skin!
Lush | Snow Fairy Body Conditioner Lush | Snow Fairy Body Conditioner Lush | Snow Fairy Body Conditioner Lush | Snow Fairy Body Conditioner Lush | Snow Fairy Body Conditioner

You definitely read that right, you can now buy a creamy body conditioner that resembles the iconic fragrance with added sparkle.

When you think of Lush Christmas, you definitely think of Snow Fairy right? The smell of candyfloss in our bath tubs from shower gels and even in some bubble bars / bath bombs is something we look forward to every year. Not gonna lie, I always stock up on Snow Fairy and I actually still have some for last year.

Snow Fairy is just one of them smells were its irresistible and well it smells good enough to eat really. It’s not surprising that every year we look forward to be able to stock up on it again and fill our winter nights with sweet aromas.

So a few weeks ago I seen online that Lush were bringing outΒ Snow Fairy in Body Conditioner form and of course I had to pick it up. For 100g it retails at Β£7.95 but with it being a brand new product this year, I had to try it really.

The Body Conditioner is so buttery and its so so sweet. I know the shower gel is really fragranced but this smells so much better on your skin. It’s filled with amazing ingredients like cocoa butter, cherry infusion, mango and avocado so it really hydrates the skin – perfect for the colder months.

As you can see, the lotion is filled with sparkle, it’s like a iridescent blue shimmer and you can definitely see it on your skin. I know it says to put this on in water and wash off but I tried it both wet and dry – I’m not exaggerating Β I smelt of Snow Fairy for hours. Lush should definitely do haircare in this scent!

If you love the fragrance (of course you do) and you want to smell like a fairytale, you need to try this. I 100% prefer this over the shower gel, only because I’d rather my skin smelt of it than the candy floss bath water.

I mean you could have a snow fairy pamper night really with the bubble bars, shower gel and then this body conditioner. I think this product has long been overdue and I’m so glad Lush have brought this out for Christmas, it will definitely be used as part of my going out skincare routine.

Would you try this?

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20 thoughts on “Lush | Snow Fairy Body Conditioner

  1. I love so Snow Fairy shower gel, I get it every year without fail for Christmas, so this product is definitely on my list!!!! I can’t wait to try it out πŸ™‚

    Great post xo


  2. Ah this is great, I’m making a special trip to Lush later so I’ll definitely check this out ! Thank you πŸ’– xx


  3. Such an exciting new product! I love Snow Fairy, it is my favourite thing from Lush and I also have some left from last year haha! I really can’t wait to try this though, sounds so lovely!


  4. Ok I’ve heard too many good things about this, I feel like I HAVE to get it now hehe. Thanks so much for sharing and beaut pictures as always! xx


  5. I absolutely love this, this year I’m working at lush over christmas and they gave me this and a few other christmas products to try and this & sleepy body lotion are my favourite.

    The thing is with this though is that when I wash it off I don’t feel or smell much different, have you used this like a body lotion and just put it on dry? I think that’s what I’m going to try next because using it in water just washes the moisture right out 😦

    Jem xo |


  6. It upset me to shell out Β£8 for a tiny pot but it’s just so lovely I had to have it! I agree with using it on dry skin, it seems like a waste to just wash it off. Definitely my favourite thing lush has made for a while.


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