Barry M Matte Me Up Lip Kits

Barry M Matte Me Up Lip Kits

Liquid lipsticks have been the craze for a while in the beauty world so when Barry M released their lip kits, I had to see how they matched up! img_3938.jpg

Ultra long wearing and non-drying? I had to put this to the test! Personally I love liquid lipsticks, it’s an amazing type of lip product that just seems to pay off so much better than original lipsticks. You usually find these are normally matte than shiny or lustre.

One thing that puts people off with this kinda product is the dry feel they can have on the lips. I don’t particularly mind it as long as its creamy and lasts all day but no one wants the cracked lips look. So Barry M ey? One of my favourite brands growing up, I was obsessed with their nail varnishes I probably had nearly all of them at one point. So when my lovely blogging friend Katy introduced me to these ‘Matte Me Up’ lip kits I just HAD to see what all the fuss was about.

I’ve seen nothing but great reviews on these so far and I’m pleased to say this one is too. The liquid lip paints come in 5 shades whereas the lip kits come in 3 shades: I picked up Pose and Runway. They are limited edition though and I struggled to find these!

The lip kits are just £7 each which I think is amazing for a lip pencil and lip paint. So the two shades I picked as you can see are a dusky pink nude (Pose) and a mid tone berry (Runway). I think these two colours are so wearable and I can honestly say Runway is my favourite so far. Pose is more a daywear nude but Runway I’d tend to wear for more nights out.

Barry M Matte Me Up Lip Kits

After the first application I was pretty impressed with how creamy they felt. I wore Pose all day which including eating and drinking – after about 5 hours it still looked immaculate. A few bloggers have said this is the best liquid lipstick they’ve tried and to be quite honest I have to agree.

I mean I love Kylie cosmetics but these just seem better in terms of the price. I know what your thinking, they do look very similar.. They are about the same for pigmentation, non-drying and long wear but I do feel these lasted slightly longer for me. These didn’t crumble on the lips either like Kylie’s do.. Something, you know it gets a little dry as the day goes on and it starts to peel? These don’t do this. I’d also say they are just as good as the NYX liquid lipsticks too and I know they are around the same price tag.

So Far I really like these Matte Me Up Lip Kits, for the price its amazing quality and it just shows drugstore products are just as good or even better than high-end. It’s not always the price tag for quality!

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27 thoughts on “Barry M Matte Me Up Lip Kits”

  1. I bought these a few weeks ago, they are fantastic long lasting too .when out drinking and having a meal the colour stays on good post xx


  2. I’ve never tried anything from Barry M, but seeing how pigmnted they swatch and how you are pleased with them I might give them a try in the future! 😀


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