Summer lip picks

Summer lip picksWith July on the horizon and my summer holiday in less than two weeks, I thought it was time to share my go-to summer lip picks from corals to bright fuchsias! IMG_6147Summer lip picks Summer lip picks
Summer lip picks
L-R: Lost Cherry, Big Bang, Suzy Starr, Phonecall, 5, Valentine, Kiss Me Cherie

Summer lip picks

It may seem like summers over with this shift in the weather but lets feel optimistic!

I love wearing brights in the summer so as you can see, the shades in this post are perfect if you want to add a pop of colour! I’ve also included a range of finishes too from gloss to matte so if your after a new lipstick, read on…

If you prefer a creamy finish then I would definitely recommend Charlotte Tilbury’s Lost Cherry if you like a pastel red shade. This isn’t too bright nor too pale, it’s a subtle red that in some lights looks a fuchsia. If you still want to opt for a red this year but don’t want it to look too wintery, then Lancome have just brought out a new range of matte shakers and Kiss Me Cherie is perfect. It looks glossy on the swatch but it dries super quick and is quite long-lasting for a lip oil. If you want something in between with a glossy shine, I swear by Yves Saint Laurent’s Volupte Shine in shade 5. It’s super creamy, like a lip balm formula but the pigment is beautiful.

For more of a bright pink tone, I 100% recommend Phonecall by Urban Decay. It’s  a barbie pink and I just love it! Valentine lip kit by Kylie Cosmetics is a must if you love a bright pink too. I’m yet to wear this, I got it from her Valentine’s range but felt it was more of a summer shade – I’m taking this to Ibiza so you can imagine how excited I am to wear it! So if you want an ‘out there’ shade how about Big Bang? This metallic number by Urban Decay is a bright pink with iridescent shimmer, like the name suggests – this is fireworks to your lips – again a super creamy formula, nothing less from UD.

Finally who doesn’t love a coral? I nearly slipped Sexy Sienna in this but I decided Suzy Starr by Joan Collins beauty needed the limelight. It’s a super orangey shade but its amazing on the lips, perfect if you want something different from pinks and reds.

Looking at my summer lipstick shades from last year (here) you can see I’ve gone more for fuchsia’s than pinky nudes. I’m all for experimenting when it comes to lipsticks so do let me know what your go-to summer shade is, or if you will be picking any of these up!

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