BPerfect Cosmetics 10 Second Tan

BPerfect Cosmetics 10 Second Tan

Achieve that healthy glow all year round with 10 Second Tan!

BPerfect Cosmetics 10 Second Tan

As winter draws in and our summer tans are starting to fade, today I thought I’d share a new self tan I’m currently loving! A few weeks ago BPerfect Cosmetics sent me their 10 second tan in medium coconut, as my readers know I love a good fake tan so lets see how I got on…

So the 10 Second Tan (£24.99) is a liquid spray that contains natural and organic ingredients and aims to create an instant natural glow. The good thing about this tan is it works with your skin colour so it provides the perfect colour for you! Firm impressions I wasn’t sure with a spray, I know these can be quite messy and I normally opt for a foam or lotion. Rather than spraying directly onto the skin, Bperfect recommend you spray on the mitt then rub in.

I have to say the luxurious velvet mitt is amazing! I’ve never tried a velvet mitt before only like a sponge texture but my gosh the results where so good. The tan smoothed into my skin and dried instantly. At first the tan create a nice glow but after waking up the next day and showering it left me with an amazing colour. It didn’t look ‘fake’ it certainly did compliment my skin colour and looked natural, as you can see above. The coconut scent was lovely too rather than the typical self-tan fragrance.

Onto removal… The tan lasts about 4-5 days and left my skin as easy as it applied. It just slowly faded and was quite easy to build on top of if needed to as well, I know this can be a pain removing self tan but this was great for me.

If you want to learn more from this brand, two years ago I also tried their Brush on Lashes, you can read the review here.

BPerfect Cosmetics 10 Second Tan

Overall I enjoyed using the 10 Second Tan and its made me want to try more from the BPerfect Cosmetics range. A lot of bloggers love this tan and say its their fave, now that just shows how good this stuff is with whats on the market these days.

Have you tried Bperfect Cosmetics? Would you?

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  1. Alex
    24 October 2017 / 5:24 pm

    I haven’t heard of this brand before but you’ve definitely tempted me to try it x

    • 25 October 2017 / 4:22 pm

      It’s so good. definitely worth trying! x

  2. kayleigh watkins
    26 December 2017 / 8:03 pm

    Ooh il have to try this, I’ve been using Palmers cocoa butter gradual tan which is good but not ideal if going out and I need an instant tan xxx

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