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As a beauty blogger I love discovering new skincare brands and products which end up becoming part of my day-to-day routine.

As my readers know, I do love a good skincare product or two. I am very fortunate enough to be approached by PR’s and brands who would like me to trial their products. So for the past 2-3 months, I’ve been using Balmonds and NatureCan skincare products.

These are two completely new brands to me and as I’ve used their products for a while now. I thought this would be a good time to mention them in a roundup post. This style of post is a little different to my usual. I’d normally focus on just one brand per post. So if this is something you’d prefer – do let me know in the comments.

Both brands are of course very similar in the sense that both are completely natural and organic. Which of course is already a thumbs up from me! The two brands focus on providing fresh natural ingredients to aid against dry and sensitive skin. The carefully selected ingredients are also scientifically proven to repair and nourish skin concerns such as Eczema. So if this sounds like you, please do read on…

Balmonds all your skin needs

Multi-purpose skincare

The team at Balmonds kindly sent across their staple products and I can totally see why. I love supporting small upcoming companies and already this brand has won awards for its skincare line. In particular the SkinSalvation Balm (30ml £8)! This award-winning all-natural all-body moisturizer is very different to what I’ve tried before.

Firstly the texture is thick and wax-like and works as an ointment. This is of course due to the rich ingredients such as beeswax and also olive fruit oil, hemp seed oil and much more. My boyfriend actually stole this off of me for a while as he was suffering from very dry hands. Although not necessary a hand cream, it worked wonders in a matter of days. Within a week his dry cracked skin healed and was barely visible. It’s safe to use for your face and body and to treat many skin concerns such as chapped lips, insect bites, sore noses, PPE sores and even chaffing. The list is endless! I’ve been using it mainly on my legs like a shaving balm and it works a treat! A great multi-purpose balm everyone should keep handy in their house.

Balmonds facial oil
Balmonds Cooling Cream

Balmonds Face products

I’ve also been using the Intensive Facial Oil (30ml £22) paired with the Cooling Cream (100ml £19). As my readers know I do love facial oil. Jam-packed with natural ingredients this oil aims to nourish and hydrate your face but also can be used on your body. I’ve been putting this on just before bed and the smell of lavender and chamomile definitely helps me settle for the night. So when I wake up my skin feels firmer and smooth ready to start the day. Not applicable for me, but this oil is also recommended for skin concerns such as stretch marks during pregnancy and even the most sensitive of skin concerns like psoriasis.

The cooling moisturising cream I’ve been using more sparingly. It’s definitely not a product I need to reach often which is a good thing in this instance. But, I do suffer from flushed skin on occasions so was intrigued to see how this worked. I added the moisturiser to my cheeks and you do instantly feel a cooling sensation, similar to aftersun. I can see this working great in the warmer months and on holiday. The added ingredient of menthol is instant but feels comfortable and soothing to the skin. I can see this being a godsent for itchy skin conditions too.

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CBD skincare products

Naturecan Moisturiser

Another new brand to me is Naturecan. Aside from skincare, the company specialise in CBD products from snacks to oils and vapes. Their skincare range is scientifically proven to nourish, repair, protect and care with 100% vegan ingredients. It’s a first for me to try CBD skincare so again I was intrigued to see how they are to other brands/ products.

I received a selection of their skincare to try and the first product I reached for was of course the Nourish Multi-use Balm (30ml £20). This contains CBD Oil and other natural ingredients such as coconut and avocado oils. The texture of this is like a thick creamy moisturiser that soaks in quite quickly. I began using this sort of like a day cream and found over a few uses I actually preferred using this as a primer. It would soak in and smooth my skin ready for my foundation. I felt like this acted as a barrier to stop my skin from becoming dry and I’m hoping this continues into the colder months too.

The Hydrate Daily Moisturiser (30ml £25) is actually my current go-to moisturiser after cleansing my skin. I found this worked best after removing all of my makeup and after toner. So I guess you could say it’s become sort of like a night cream for me. I’m pairing this alongside my facial oil for a deep treatment around 3-4 times a week. Honestly, although it says daily, it seems to last and keep my skin feeling tip-top. I love anything that features hyaluronic acid so it’s a great touch to have this alongside a new ingredient of CBD oil. If you suffer from sensitive or dry skin, I’d definitely try them at an affordable price.

CBD naturecan clay mask

Naturecan Clay Mask

Ok now, this is a mask worth talking about! The Purify Clay Mask (50ml £20) works a treat, for an instant pick-me-up to the skin. This wash-off mask makes my skin feel soft and firm. It also feels dry in the sense that it absorbs the oils from my T-zone. This is perfect if you’re combination or oily skin like me. The ingredients of aloe vera and hemp seed work perfectly to moisturise and soak up daily impurities. I use this once or twice a fortnight. Just when you fancy a pamper or as and when needed. I don’t think you can beat a mask like this to feel clean and fresh.

Naturecan and Balmonds skincare products

There you have it… That’s my round-up of two new skincare brands I’ve enjoyed using recently and how they’ve adapted to my skincare routine. I think what’s great about Balmonds and Naturecan is that they are very affordable, natural and proven results. You can’t really ask for more than that! Each product I’ve mentioned can be used and adapted for all year use too which is great as we’re heading into the colder months. I won’t be putting any of these away that’s for sure… I hope you enjoyed reading and if you’re interested in trying either brand or think it’s worth sampling for any skin concern I’ve mentioned, do let me know in the comments.

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  1. Love this! I hadn’t heard of this brand before but I’m definitely going to check them out, I love that they are natural products too. I really love the look of the mask in particular, it sounds like they can be a great treat. Thank you so much for sharing x

  2. These products look lovely. I would like to try the cooling cream. Thank you for sharing.

  3. The lavender and rose facial oil sounds soothing and is beautifully scented.

    I am also loving the looks of the Naturecan moisturizer. The ingredients promise a silky texture and refreshing finish.
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Love the SkinSalvation balm!😍I use it all the time, mainly for the inside of my nose recently because it always gets cracked and painful at this time of year haha

  5. Margaret Gallagher says:

    Love Balmorals skincare – would recommend to all – may try the others too

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