Lush Cosmetic Haul


So what better way to spend my some of my christmas money than on the limited edition lush bath bombs?! I managed to grab these guys in the sale the other day, I’ve noticed they’ve all completely sold out online so I cannot provide you with any links to them unfortunately. They all smell so amazing, every time I go in my room it’s so scented by them all, definitely going to have some relaxing baths in the new year.


First up is the Luxury Pud. Look at the colours on this bath bomb?! It’s so bright I know the waters going to be a rainbow when I use this. I know before this limited edition bomb used to be just like a christmas Pud, this year they’ve added a little.. oh I mean a lot of colour!! It has a gorgeous lavender scent which is essential for a soothing relaxing bath. It retailed for £3.40 I paid £1.70.


This bath bomb smells the nicest out the lot! Cinders retails for £2.50 but I bought two for that price!! This is another bath bomb they have brought back, it has popping candy through the middle and has a sweet cinnamon scent. It also has almond oil and will make your skin feeling so smooth!


So White is the largest bath bomb out of these, I should get a couple of uses out of it! It has a crisp apple scent – definitely a christmas fragrance. Even though it has no colour, I think it’ll be really foamy and make the bath smell lovely! This was £3.30 down to £1.70.


I bought two of these and used one already! The colours were so nice and ended up an orange/pink colour. Dashing Santa is true to its name – it actually dashes around the tub. It smells of oranges and was only £1.50 instead of £2.95.


And finally I ended up buying this non sale item. The glitter pulled me in – it’ll just sparkle in the tub. Space girl is a dust filled bath bomb with a sweet fragrance – it smells like parma violets to me! It also has popping candy to add an extra fizz in the water. This features grapefruit oil which is great for clarifying and toning the skin. This was £2.35.IMG_7533

Did you manage to pick up anything in the LUSH sale?

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