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Have a LUSH Easter!

Have a lush easter

Happy Good Friday everyone! To kick start the long 4 day weekend, I thought it was time I dug out my Lush Easter products of what I’ll be using! Have a lush easter Have a lush easter Have a lush easter Have a lush easter Have a lush easter

Since I went to the Lush Easter event (here) I’ve been so excited to use all my products, and with a long weekend its the perfect opportunity to use some. For a lush addict who still has products from Christmas, you can imagine that I don’t really want to part with these just yet… But I’ll just have to.

I mean just look at the rainbow of colours!

So the Lush Easter range has two extra-large bath bombs which are Which Came First? and Humpty Dumpty. Both bath bombs crack to find another bomb inside  – both little eggs which I find so cute. So I’ll get at least 3 baths from this or of course use all of it at once for a colour explosion.

Ultra Violet bubble bar is a favourite of mine (if you didn’t know already) and I’m not gonna lie this is about my 5th one already.. Oops. I’ll be gutted when this goes.

Snow fairy makes a return with Fluffy Egg which is probably what I’m going to use first due to the smell and it’s just enough for one bath. Then I’ll be using Bouncy Bunny shower jelly to make my skin smell of oranges and candyfloss – I’ll be smelling a dream this weekend.

Bunch of Carrots have had a little makeover this year with the added pink and purple, I mean I’ll probably get two baths per carrot which is pretty good for the price.

which is your favourite product from Lush’s Easter range? What plans have you got for Easter?



13 thoughts on “Have a LUSH Easter!

  1. Again I’m really loving the photos!! Oh and the title is ofc genius 😉 I love Lush, my fave range is the Christmas one, but the Easter one looks cute too, I mean look at those carrots ah!! xx
    Becky Shannon xx – Life-by-Becky


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