Awaken your skin with Antipodes

Antipodes Awaken your skin bundle

A new skincare trio from Antipodes has become my new staple for bedtime!

Antipodes skincare products

If you’re an avid reader of my blog you may have noticed I’ve featured Antipodes in the past (read more). Their 100% natural products from New Zealand are jam-packed with premium native ingredients. Such as Avocado Oil, Peony Petal, Kiwi and Aloe Vera.

So today I’m talking about their new ‘Awaken Your Skin’ bundle set. And in particular their new Probiotic Water Cream. Let’s read on…

Antipodes Probiotic night recovery cream

Probiotic Night Recovery Cream…

You may be wondering a Probiotic skincare product? What’s that? Well, the Probiotic Night Recovery Water Cream is a brand new innovation from Antipodes. It’s formulated with vegan ingredients and the power of the probiotic Kalibiome AGE to boost moisture and firm the skin. It’s also anti-ageing! You guys know how much I love a night cream! So I was intrigued to see what this does and how it works…

This naturally good bacteria known as probiotic seals the skin by reducing water loss and supporting firmer skin. Sounds great right? As soon as I opened it I was hit by a beautiful aroma of lavender, rose and hibiscus.

The formula is quite thick but applies as a liquid gel on the skin. It soaks in very easily too. A little goes a long way!

I’ve been using this new release for a good couple of months now. Especially as the weather is warmer I’m reaching for this to hydrate my skin. I let the product soak on overnight and the scent is very soothing. The addition of Hyaluronic acid is also a great bonus too. You know its a good product with this ingredient!

Every product I’ve tried from Antipodes has always lived up to its expectations. So I’m glad to see this new release become a favourite of mine and a great addition to my nighttime routine.

Divine face oil

Face Oil & Mud Mask

A product I’ve reviewed before on the blog is Divine Face Oil. I’m glad I have another bottle of this. It’s an instant pick me up to the skin! The oil is lightweight and can be applied as often as needed. You can use this on a morning for applying makeup. Or on a night too! This oil is suitable for all skin conditions. Especially people with dry or stressed skin. It’s an instant pick me up to the skin I think. If you want to try a new facial oil, give this one a go! The added bonus of rosehip oil gives you that luxurious fragrance too. I can see why they have paired this with the Water Cream!

And lastly this is a new product for me but I’ve heard it’s a cult favourite with Antipodes lovers. The Halo Skin-Brightening Facial Mud Mask is perfect for a pamper! The thick texture helps to clear away oils, dirt and also dead skin. I haven’t had a breakout for a while (luckily) but I’ve read this is really to prevent spots from reappearing. Its fair to say my skin feels extremely soft after applying and feels very fresh and dewy. Working to create a youthful glow – yes please! The concoxion of ingredients of Kiwi, Vanilla and Raspberry helps make this mask smell amazing too.

Antipodes Halo Mud Mask

The Antipodes Awaken Your Skin Bundle aims to soothe and purify. So if you are prone to dryness like me or suffer with breakouts, these products tackle these concerns.

My routine with these products starts with the mask. I apply a thick layer and leave on for around 20 minutes and then rinse off. I then apply the facial oil focusing on my neck followed by the night recovery cream.

The products feel so luxurious and it amazes me still that they are 100% natural. The products work their magic overnight to hydrate and cleanse! To purchase this set click here.

Have you tried Antipodes before?

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(6) Comments

  1. jenyscloset says:

    Lovely products. But I have an oily skin, Do this products work for an oily skin especially the face oil?


  2. I am excited to see the night cream is rejuvenating and beautifully scented! I have never heard of a probiotic water gel before, but it sounds as amazing as the easily-applied mud mask.
    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    1. Margaret Gallagher says:

      Never actually used this brand – does sounddelightful

  3. These sound lovely – I’d be curious to try the oil. I’m a bit tired of skincare products smelling of lavender! I’ve got the oh-so-popular manuka honey mask somewhere in my stash, but I’ve not tried it yet.

    Nicole |

  4. Great review! I hadn’t heard of this brand before but it looks fab, I’d really love to try out some of their masks! Thanks for sharing x

  5. sherri Hough says:

    I had never heard of this brand, Its definitely one I would like to try

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